• A Tri-Cam Case designed with simplicity, style and perfect vision

  • Professional Level Photography

    Three pairs of lenses - double macro lenses,160° fisheye and telephoto lenses,120° wide angle and telephoto lenses,are capable of meeting the special demands of any photography environment. An advanced optical multi-coating on the lenses refines the picture quality.Instantly switch lenses to perfectly suit the scenario. Switching among the three lenses is super smooth and fast. With a simple quick press,you can turn the lens On/Off as needed.

    Shock Resistant and Multifunctional

    Crafted from fine quality PU leather, the case has a soft touch while remaining tactile and shock resistant. The multifunction design adds a card slot and a stand built into the case for more convenience.

    360° Protection for the Lenses

    An aluminum alloy storage case cover protects the lenses from accidental drops and scratches when not being used. It is compact, easy to carry and secured by a lanyard, making it safer for outdoors use and other demanding shooting environments.It is very easy to use, only one pull and push to take out of your perfect lens.

  • Available options for iPhone 7/8

    We also designed a 15mm wide angle lens and a 238°fish-eye lens for iPhone 7/8 users, which are perfect for photos of groups, travel photography and any scene that requires capturing a wide area.

  • About AOCHY

    AOCHY was created to explore the mystery and wonders of the world. It is a lens on life that inspires those adventurous enough to embrace the never-ending journey.

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